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Friday, June 2, 2017

We visited the city of Hermann, Missouri on June 2-4, 2017. We actually stayed at the camp sites owned by the city. We had the opportunity to walk around and ate at a place called the Tin Mill owned by the Dierberg's family.  We stopped by the Dierberg's Estate Vineyards tasting room, and spent a little bit doing a wine tasting. 

We had visited Stone Hill about a year or so before, so did not take the opportunity to go there. We walked around the quant little town and stopped in a shop call...

Saturday, May 6, 2017

We had the opportunity to visit some friends at Mark Twain Lake. They found an out of the way place and live there full time. Anyways, we spent the weekend with the grandkids. Our grandkids Lilli and Isabel rode with us to the lake. I refer to them as our grandkids because they call Kim grandmom and love her so much.

We visited Hannibal, Missouri and ate at some great places and had a nice time just touring the city. It would have been better to spend more than the weekend to see everything that...

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