November 2020 - we had smoking bearings and had to replace the bearings and brake assembly on our drivers side.

February 2019 - We added storage cabinets to the left and right on top of the fireplace, we needed a place to store our cookies and candies.

November 2018 - we took out the jack knife bed and sofa and installed two Thomas Payne recliners with heat and massage.

February 2018 - We decided to remove the booth bench seating and put in an electric fireplace from Wayfair.com.

October 2017 - Kim took out the old press on kitchen back splash and added a real tile back splash. We added the trim that was there before. It looks really great. Kim did an excellent job.

October 2017 - Just before we left for Thousand Hills, we put in an oxygenics shower head.

September 2017 - I put in 3 of the fantastic fans. These are the 3-speed, in or out circulation. Not remote controlled, nor rain sensitive.

April 2017 -  we did a few updates to her. I put the Max Air roof vents on top. We can keep the manufacture fan vents open and on most of the time for circulation.

April 2017 - I added rubber stoppers to the bottom of the water pump in hopes of making the thing quieter. i also added the water pipe insulation to keep it cooler and hotter, and to quiet the running noise.

Kim added her personal touches to the inside.