Pomme De Terre State Park, Pittsburgh, Missouri

We stayed in Pomme De Terre state park which is located in Pittsburgh, Missouri from July 7 - 10, 2017. This was a peaceful park with many shade trees and camping sites that were well maintained. There is a Marina and also beach access (beach access in a misnomer) because to me a beach is white sand and ocean. Wish we would have explored more while we where there, we could have rented a boat and cruised the lake. But we did not get the opportunity. This would warrant another visit, just to rent a boat and explore.

We also had reservations at Sam A. Baker state park, which is closer to where our sticks and bricks home is. It was a longer drive coming back towards Wentzville, Missouri, than I anticipated.

We were in Sam A. Baker state park from July 11 - 14, 2017. We were right in the middle of a family reunion, that took up most of the spaces around us. There is a nice natural clear river we did float in for most of the afternoons we were there. The water was clear and clean, and stayed that way although the place was pretty packed with families and kids.

My daughter and grand kids came up to visit us while we were at Sam A. Baker. It was a fun time, and made us realize that we enjoy the RV more with the two of us, then five of us camping. But we had a great time and made S'Mores.

Not sure if we would want to visit again. Maybe during a cooler time and call the park and make sure there were no family gatherings.

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