Wentzville, Missouri

We sold the house early May 2018. We closed on the house on June 6, 2018.

March 2018 - We made the decision to go full time. We have been selling everything we own. We have had 1 garage sale, and selling other pieces online via buy/sell/trade or craigslist. We are having another sale the end of April 2018. Along with getting the house ready for sale, we have been working in Daphne. We installed a new front door. we installed a large screen TV. moved the smaller TV to the bedroom, we put a fireplace where the kitchen benches and table was located. We added a drop down table that Kim found at her Mom's home. We installed a WeBoost Drive 4G-X RV Cellular signal booster. We just purchased the Halo Long Range WiFi extender. Shout out to RVing with Tito, on his install of the weBoost on the PVC pipe and board. I am doing the same thing

April 2018 - We had 3 days of garage sales the end of April 2018. The next day, right after our last garage sale, we put our home up for sale. We sold everything. We gave some things to friends and family, gave lots of items to Good Will and Mary Martha's (local resale shop). Our home was on the market for 4 days before we we got a full price offer. Now its just the wait till closing time.

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