Wall Drug, Wall, South Dakota

We have arrived in South Dakota. We will be in South Dakota from July 19 - August 1, 2018. What a wonderful drive to see the hills and green space. I am sure that along the way there were Indian tribe locations.

We stopped by Wall, South Dakota, famous for Wall Drug. Its an eclectic place to visit, with shops off all kinds located in a few city blocks, but that is all that is there. We spent July 21, 2018 in both places. It was a long day, but worth every minute.

We went an extra 40 miles east to Midland, South Dakota. There is an 1880s town, famous for the making of the movie "Dances With Wolves", right off the highway. We spent several hours looking at the pictures and touring the place. It was a great Saturday. We were gone most of the day, we think the dogs wonder if we started working again.


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