Warren Air Force Base, Cheyenne, Wyoming

We have arrived in Wyoming. We will be in Warren Air Force Base from August 1 - 8, 2018.

We have only stayed on one Air Force Base, so we will list the highlights we enjoyed about this location. Our camping was on Warren Air Force Base. You can only use the main gate to enter. You can follow the directions which go past the commissary and BX. You can also drive straight to end of Missile Drive, there is access to the FamCamp there, but the bridge is only 11 foot, 6 inches. Anything under 11 feet will fit. This is a nice base, but not so much the FamCamp. It has all the facilities I remember from being in the service from 1980 - 2002.

This is a huge base, with all the items listed and more: recreation area, racquetball, basketball, indoor track, indoor pool, fitness room, and weight room. Every time we entered, we felt like we stepped back in time as all the buildings are old red brick.

We had gravel pads in all the locations except the overflow spaces. These are full hookup sites. There was 30 / 50 amp service as well as a 120 electrical outlet. All sites except overflow have some shade, which kept it cool during the day. These sites are tight, and your neighbor really is right next to you. We were unable to extend our awning all the way for fear of hitting our neighbors. We were also able to listen to the football game from our next door neighbor.

There are 3 separate WiFi spots to connect to, so we had no trouble connecting. We did use a WiFi extender to stay constantly connected, as connections are sporadic.

Bathrooms and showers are very nice. But there is only 1 shower stall per each bathroom. But clean and more modern. Laundry room was clean but only had 2 washers and dryers. The laundry room is also part of the office. You are given an access code to enter.

Something almost forgotten and not sure how. There is a train that runs at all hours of the day and night. It is close by, maybe a few hundred yards away.

See our links to all the fun places we went while on our 1 week stay here. Cheyenne, Wyoming is the capital city, but has lots of fun little places to visit while there.

We decided each of us would have a different phone service. I have Verizon, and Kim has T-Mobile. Both our connection services were great in this area.

Our next location is somewhere in Colorado.


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