Ouray, Colorado

We spent August 19 - September 6, 2018 in Ouray, Colorado, (pronounced Your Ray).

We visited with Kim's daughter (LeAndra) and son in law; Zach Sheets. They stopped by for few more days before we left there and headed to Canon City, CO.

While in Ouray, Colorado we visited the Alchemy Museum, it was a neat experience for both Kim and I too see the cool things there.

We also visited the Box Canyon Falls Park, it was a neat water fall that also feeds the hot springs pool. We got season passes to the hot springs pool, which was cheaper than purchasing for each days visit.

We visited Telluride, Colorado for the day. Alot going on in Telluride, we were there when they were setting up for the film festival, but that also limited parking spaces. It took us at least 45 minutes to find a place to park when we first arrived. We visited the Mountain Lodge center that was up the sky lifts.

We drove up the U. S. Highway 550 (million dollar highway) to Red Mountain pass to look for a ghost town, but the drive was scary and only saw an old mining shaft and buildings.

We visited Alta, Colorado, a ghost town at almost 11,000 feet. It was eerily silent and you could almost hear the whispers through the wind that passed through the area.

While we stayed in Ouray, Colorado, we had a solar system installed on our Daphne. So far it seems to be working as it should, although I don't like that the water heater and the converter are on the same circuit.

We stayed in the 4J+1+1 RV park. The 4J+1+1 is a nice little park. It was busy, sites were too close to each other. WiFi was sporadic, it worked better at night and early morning. There is no place to really walk your pets. Nice TV room, laundry room and bathrooms. Verizon worked on an android phone, T-Mobile sucked on an iPhone 6.

I have to say Colorado is a beautiful, beautiful state. I could live here if I won the lottery. And could bring the sand and ocean to my door step.


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