Canon City, Colorado

We were in Canon City, Colorado, from September 7 - September 18, 2018. It is really neat that you can be driving along the highway, and then there is a city.

We stayed in the Canon City Colorado city park which was about 3 miles from the Royal Gorge Canon and park. The city park is a first come, first camping space. It has a nice area for tents, a picnic table and a fire pit. As well as gorgeous views of the city behind us.

The city park is considered Bureau of Land Management, and is free to stay. We also stayed on BLM land on Phantom Park road. These were nice sites that were free, but they were trashed. Someone had left trash and personal belongings in the spaces. We selected the nicest site, which I believe was number 3 and cleaned up the site more, with two 33 gallon trash bags.

You do the dispersed camping to get away from everyone, and that is what you do in these locations. There is no TV, radio, cell service, internet, etc. We went into town a few times to grocery shop and catch up on bills, weather, etc.

I will say it again, Colorado is a beautiful, beautiful state. I could live here if I won the lottery. And could bring the sand and ocean to my door step.


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