Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas

We were at Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas from September 25, 2018 to October 2, 2018. This time was set aside for us to relax and do some maintenance on the RV. We did go downtown Little Rock to enjoy some local food.

We did work on our shower which was leaking. We also took out the horrible cheap carpet and installed vinyl flooring strips on our slide out. It took forever to remove all the little staples that were holding the carpet in place. It took more than a day to remove the carpet, but only a few hours to install the flooring strips.

While here we also had an on demand water heater installed. What was supposed to take a few hours, took most of the day. We love our on demand water heater, some learning curves for the water heater are: 1). It takes a few moments to heat the water; if you are boon docking, you may want to catch the water to reuse for your fresh water tank. 2). Adjusting the hot and cold water to get warm showering water. 3). Now we tend to take longer showers, which fills the gray tank faster.

We also got to check out the base amenities. We visited the base exchange, the commissary, and the local thrift shop. Kim decided she did not like T-Mobile as she could not get any service in any of the locations we have visited. She got a new phone as well. She changed to Verizon, which is the service plan I purchased before we started.


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