Heber Springs, Arkansas

We were in Heber Springs, Arkansas, from October 12 to October 18, 2018. We stayed at Greer's Ferry Lake. We were at the Workampers Rendezvous. We decided to become Workamper Ambassadors. AMB239.

The rendezvous was a great way to network with those that are already full timers or those that are wanting to transition into full timers.

This was a 5 day gathering of about 150 folks. The days were broken down into guest speakers, mingling, workamper game pieces, and question and answers. One of the neat things I did like was the RV open house. It was an opportunity to walk through the other RV homes.

All of the guest speakers were full time RVers who found a niche in the RV community by being entrepreneurs.

Heber Springs was a nice community with a lot of newer buildings and new construction starting. Greer's Ferry Lake was a nice campground, we had no problem with WiFi, nor with our phone service. They had very nice restrooms and showers.

We were unable to take any pictures as we were really busy for the whole conference.

Something we did like about Arkansas, were the folks are so polite, we don't know if that's typical of everyone, or just the area we stayed.


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