Hot Springs, Arkansas

We were in Hot Springs, Arkansas, from October 2, 2018 to October 12, 2018. We stayed in Charlton, Campground, in the Ouachita National Forest.

Charlton Campground is about 20 miles outside of Hot Springs along Highway 270. We found out during our stay they were going to remove a bunch of the sites. I guess budget cuts. They had nice bathrooms, showers and paved roads. There is a platform out by the river for diving. We found out this was a popular place during the summer. Another reason we wonder why they are closing some of the park. Charlton would be a place we would love to stay again.

There are a few little eclectic towns around the area. We went to Bubba Brew's Sports Pub and Grill about 15 miles from the site we were staying. We watched a few of the NCAA college football games. The bar was huge, it was about 5500 square feet, with a game room, bar, sit down tables, and good food.

We visited the hot springs bath houses. You can do the hot springs experience while there, but it was a bit outside our budget.

We decided to order Dish For My RV while here, and glad we did. We had a lot of space between us and our neighbor, which we loved. We had no issues with our Verizon service.

While in Hot Springs we went to see an Orthopedic Surgeon for Kim's shoulder. Dr. Michael Hubbard was a medical student from our orthopedic program at Des Peres Hospital.

Something we did like about Arkansas, was the folks are so polite, we don't know if that's typical of everyone, or just the area we stayed.

Kim's parents came to visit us while on their trip down to Mission TX. It was great to see them again.


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