Hunter Army Air Field - Savanah, Georgia

After we left Valdosta, Georgia we headed up north and landed in Savannah, Georgia. We spent the time at Hunter Army Air Field, about 15 miles outside of Savannah. We were in Hunter from April 1 to 5, 2019. The name of the camping facility was Lotts Island. We have not been to any other branch RV parks. This was a small campground, about 15 sites. As with most of the other bases we have been to, this was lacking in general maintenance to the outside and buildings.

We got the opportunity to tour historic Savannah, Georgia. We bought a 2 day ticket that involved the On/Off trolley rides. We got the ferry ride and the horse carriage ride. It was an awesome 2 days. We just love the Savannah area. We will have to get back here again and see if it would be a place to settle down when we grow up and become adults. There was so much to see and do in downtown Savannah, it will warrant another visit again in the next few years.

Wifi - not available

Phone Service - verizon phone service worked well

Amenities - full hook up sites, NO cable

Local - about 1 mile from all the necessary conveniences


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