Mahlon Dickerson Reservation, Jefferson Township, NJ

We stopped in New Jersey for a few days on our way to New Hampshire. We found this great little place in Jefferson Township. Mahlon Dickerson Reservation, is about 30 minutes outside of New York, New York. We were here from April 24 to April 30, 2019. I was meeting an old friend from the service, Steven Brown. We had a nice visit and met his lovely wife. We were going to take a trip into New York, but I came down with something and was bed ridden for about 3 days. We had to stay an extra day so I could feel better and travel.

New Jersey is one of the fewer states left that still pump your gas for you. I did not know and was shocked when the guy pumped our gas.

New Jersey is also one of those states that has a cafe on just about every other corner. But also found out it has one of the higher tax brackets.

Wifi - none

Cable - none

Phone Service - verizon phone service worked

Amenities - cement pads, 50/30 amp service, water (fill up your tank before parking), hoses were 50 feet from each site, sewer (dump station near by), laundry and shower close by.

Local - about 3 mile(s) from stores.


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