Rio Medina Texas, Lost Resort RV Ranch

March 26 - April 1, 2020

After we started traveling again, we thought about our choices and why we were traveling during the pandemic. But after we landed in our current work camping location, the choice was clear.

We could still enjoy this lifestyle and would just have to be careful at each stop we made.

We spent 7 days in Lost Resort RV Ranch, in Rio Medina Texas. This is a cute little place with only about 30 sites, we used our Passport America to stay here. We had full hookups in this little slice of paradise. There were no amenities like a pool or a club house, etc. This is private property that someone used to create this out of the way RV space.

Wifi - free wifi at the club house, but our phone service was great

Cable - we used our dish network service

Phone Service - verizon phone service

Amenities - wifi in the office, but was closed most days

Check out the link to their web site.

Local - we explored as much as we could local


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