Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

April 8 - 9 , 2020

We had our first job interview at Riverbend Hot Springs in TC, New Mexico. This would have been a great place to do a workamper position in the winter time. We would have accepted, but it was in the middle of summer, and there was no shade and we were concerned for our pets.

The owner let us stay in the one of the seven RV spaces that is rented for guests, and also let us have a soak in one of the pools. This is a great place to get away. It is also very beautiful at night.

Because the pandemic closed everything down, they were doing upgrades and maintenance. This would have kept us busy for the summer. Another one of those cities and places we would love to visit again if the opportunity arises. The owners name is Jake an we kept thinking of the State Farm commercial.

We stayed in this area for a few more days, in a little place called Elephant Butte Lake RV Resort. We enjoyed it so much, we stopped and stayed there again on our way back to Mission Texas.

This part of New Mexico is known for its 4 wheel drive paths.

Wifi - free wifi at the club house, but our phone service was great

Cable - we used our dish network service

Phone Service - verizon phone service

Amenities - wifi in the office, but was closed most days

Check out the link to their web site.

Local - we explored as much as we could local


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