Van Horn, Texas, Mountain View RV Park

April 1 - 8, 2020

We passed by Van Horn Texas on our initial travels, but stopped here so we could spend some time doing our job search. We stopped at Mountain View RV Park for the first time on our trips. Van Horn Texas is another one of those little towns that didn't quite make it. I am sure the pandemic did not help matters either. Van Horn is one of the larger stops to get gas and rest before you leave the state.

They have a golf course there, the golf course closed because of the pandemic.

We spent at least 7 days here, we started our workamper job search while we were here. We were not sure if our position in Montana was going to be available to us. It worked out that we had 5 job interviews on our way to Colorado. We were going to Colorado to visit with Kim's daughter. One of the positions was actually in Grand Junction, Colorado. We did not accept that position.

We were headed to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico for our first job interview.

Wifi - free wifi all around the park, but our phone service was great

Cable - we used our dish network service

Phone Service - verizon phone service

Amenities - wifi available in the whole park

Check out the link to their web site.

Local - we explored as much as we could local


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